How to Plan a Vacation

How to Plan a Vacation considering global health Concerns and Regulations

How to Plan a Vacation

considering global health Concerns and Regulations

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most countries came up with the decision to lock up their borders. With the lockdown, many citizens could not freely move to other countries for vacation.

With the recent lifting of the lockdowns in most countries, many feel they need to go for a vacation to recharge after a long period of not vacationing. Are you one of them? Here are some tips on how you can plan for your vacation while still adhering to the health concerns and regulations.

Do your research.

As soon as you decide you are going for a vacation, you need to start researching on the internet about the specific destination you are planning to visit. Different vacation destinations have different rules and regulations on COVID-19. Make sure you are well conversant with them to avoid getting on the wrong side of their law. While doing your research, check the destination-specific health advice from your government website and make sure to follow them.

Visit the Doctor

You should consult your doctor at least one month before you go for the vacation you are planning for a checkup to see if it is safe for you to go or not. The information you should tell them should include;

  • Where you will be traveling
  • How long will the vacation last
  • The activities you will do during the vacation
  • Any disabilities you have
  • Any chronic illnesses you might have

The information given to your health practitioner will help them advise you on the correct measures you can take while away on vacation.

Get Vaccinated

Most countries have the COVID-19 vaccine readily available. Depending on the vaccine you will opt to take, you should do it weeks before proceeding with your vacation. This way, if your destination of choice requires you to have a COVID-19 certificate, you will have acquired it.

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel health insurance will help you and your family if you fall sick and need to visit the hospital while on vacation. When you have travel insurance, you will not pay out of your pockets for the services you might need.

 Make sure that the travel insurance should cover the flight and hotel booking in case of a Covid-19 outbreak or government guidelines.

Pack Smart

Once you have decided on your destination for your vacation, you need to start packing all the essentials as early as you can.

These can include

  • Sunscreen
  • Repellants
  • Masks
  • Prescription medicine
  • First aid items

Some countries do not allow some medicines and therefore check that the medication you are carrying is legal or not.

Also, make sure you carry the right clothes for the vacation. You can do this by checking the weather forecast.

Get a COVID-19 test

Once you have confirmed your destination and have made all your flight and hotel bookings, you need to do a COVID-19 test. You should have tested negative in the previous 48 hours. Anything more than 48 hours is invalid. You will be required to take another test.

Precautions you should take

Most countries encourage the use of masks. Having packed enough face masks for the entire vacation, make sure you are always wearing one. You should always wear a mask in crowded places that you will visit and on public transport.

  • Try as much as you possibly can to keep a social distance of at least  2 meters from people in public to reduce your chances of contacting COVID-19.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitisers. You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. You can get COVID-19 through this.
  • Avoid enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. Meeting with people and eating together might sound fun. Hold meetings or social gatherings in open areas with good ventilation.
  • If you decide to eat out, make sure the choice of place is the safest option. It is highly encouraged that you eat outdoors or order take-out because of the free circulation of air. Eating indoors is not always the best option.
  • The food you eat should be fully cooked and served while still hot. Also, make sure if you eat fruits, you wash them yourself. It is advisable to drink bottled water. Make sure that all the beverages you are taking have their seals on.
  • If you go on vacation away from home, make sure you know the laws and customs and follow them. You will get into trouble if you do not.
  • If you decide to do adventure activities, make sure you wear protective gear like helmets and reflectors while you are at it. Accidents that could have happened will not happen.
  • If you are going on vacation with children, never leave them unsupervised. They should always have an adult accompany them at all times. Some activities that they want to engage in might be dangerous if they are unsupervised. If they decide to go swimming, make sure they have floaters with an adult is supervising them.
After the Vacation

Once you are back home from your vacation, follow the requirements set forth by your government. Taking a COVID-19 test might be mandatory before returning to your country. Most countries also require for Covid test done two days after coming back from overseas. If you start feeling unwell and start having any COVID-19 symptoms, be quick to seek medical advice.

Going for a vacation can be fun! With the tips above, you will plan for the time off you have wanted to take while still observing the regulations and global health concerns. Following them will help you have an incident-free vacation. Have a safe vacation!

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