Overcoming Depression, The Right Way

overcoming depression

Overcoming Depression, The Right Way

Depression is complicated and a very serious matter but overcoming it is not impossible. If you are here looking for solutions, then this is the first thing we want you to imbibe in your mind; ‘overcoming depression is possible.’ The path to the other side of the tunnel is rocky, but small changes in your life and the support of people who are willing and able to help can make your journey fairly bearable and achievable. Here are a few ways of overcoming depression. Hope it helps.


Make Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are like drops that can come together to create a sea of changes. Therefore, leverage the power of making healthy habits if you want to deal with depression without medication. Depression can make it tough for you to climb out of bed. However, push yourself to act against what your depressed mood suggests.

Exercising is a very effective way to cope with depression. It releases feel-good hormones called endorphins and takes your mind off negative thoughts. Besides, achieving targets you set while exercising makes you feel more in control of yourself and increases your sense of self-worth. Start with a stroll in the park every morning, a bicycle ride or a 15-30-minute exercise session. You can graduate to more intense forms as you get the hang of it. Taking the path of yoga and meditation will also give you magical results.

Another change in lifestyle that can help you fight depression is being conscious about your diet. Although no particular diet can cause your depression to vanish, certain foods like sugar, processed meat, and preservatives can worsen the condition. So ensure that your diet has these foods in minimal amounts and is rich in proteins, green vegetables, fiber, and whole grains. If possible, get in touch with a dietician and let them guide you.

Cut down on alcohol consumption. Though an occasional glass of wine at a party won’t do much harm, dependence on alcohol to deal with depression can actually misfire. It will put you through a vicious loop of stress, sleep cycle disruption and other health problems, you will have a hard time coming out of.


Sleep Well

Depression and sleep disturbances go hand in hand. It can make it tough for you to shut your eyes or cause you to sleep for hours on end. Both conditions can affect the quality of your life. Getting a sound sleep for 8 hours every day can have a positive effect on your healing journey. So incorporate healthy sleeping habits and deliberately stick to them. Getting enough sleep has been found to lower stress and keep one energized throughout the day.


Consciously Find A Different Perspective

Conditioning your mind to think differently from what your depressed inner voice wants you to think can help you cope with depression. Be aware of the negative thoughts hitting you and try to challenge them. For example, if you feel like leaving a party, tell yourself to just be there for a little longer and see what happens. Try hard not to give in to your inner voice when it is pulling you back.

As a response to every negative feeling you get about something, note down at least one positive aspect of that thing. This will help you shift your focus from the negatives to the positives and amplify the good things for you to see.

Besides, think of life as a field with endless opportunities. When you are vulnerable, small failures like missing the alarm or being late for work can convince you that you are a loser and make you feel hopeless. Train your mind to let go of the failures and look forward to the next opportunity. Understand that your number of mistakes does not slay your chance at success.


Make A Routine And Try Abiding By It

Make a routine that is easy for you to stick to. Make room for all the activities you must do in a day and mention an estimated time for them. Waking up, exercising, showering, breakfast, going to work, evening recreation, snacks, homework, spending time with family, dinner, journaling and going to bed can be important segments of your routine.

Following your routine will make your life structured. It will make you feel that you have control over your days. Besides, when you know when to do what, you will focus more on completing the tasks. This will be less likely cause you to slip into a dormant state that depression can often push you into. Therefore, this can go a long way in helping you fight depression naturally.


Start Journaling

One of the first steps to overcoming depression the right way is to accept your feelings. Until and unless you know what’s bothering you, you can never alleviate the condition. Therefore, introspect and be honest with your feelings.

Keeping everything inside can make you feel bottled up after a while and lead to a major breakdown. So, finding an outlet is important. Journaling is a wonderful emotional outlet for most people who are trying to deal with depression.

Make sure to journal for 15-20 minutes every day. Write down what you are feeling in detail. When you have your feelings out on paper, you understand them better, analyze them and are naturally nudged to do what you feel is necessary to deal with them.

Besides, keeping a record of your emotional status will help you track your progress. That can give a major boost to your confidence about getting better.


Make Room For Activities You Love

Depression can throw your entire routine out of whack and cause your hobbies to go down the drain. However, if you have taken the resolution of overcoming depression, then you have to bring yourself back on track and start doing things you like. You need to push yourself a little, but it is worth it.

Painting, writing, playing, listening to music, singing or just being around friends you genuinely connect with can improve your mood and alleviate fatigue caused due to depression. This will create a domino effect that will lead you to perform other helpful activities that you are supposed to do.


Go For Talk Therapy

If things are getting worse, but you still want to deal with depression without medication, then go for therapy. Take your time to find out a certified therapist who can guide you through the chaos of your emotions. Therapy doesn’t involve any kind of medication. The sessions are designed to help patients speak their hearts out without the fear of judgment. The therapists guide people to see what is causing them to have a particular emotion, provide them with alternative perspectives and help them deal with their emotions.



If things get out of hand and, despite trying your best, you fail to gather your life together, then medication can help you but I do not recomment it. Consult a doctor who can prescribe you antidepressants that can manage the symptoms and shorten the duration of depressive episodes. This will help you gain more control over your life, and you can make necessary lifestyle changes to continue dealing with it. Ensure that you are not taking any drug without a prescription and longer than what you are prescribed for, as that can worsen the condition.



These are some ways of overcoming depression the right way. However, know that there is no one magical method to help you deal with depression. It is a long and daunting process, but it is not impossible. You are definitely more powerful than what depression makes you feel. Just as you are not jaundice you once had, you are not the depression you have now. You can and will get over it.

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