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Ikuna Nature Resort Weekend Getaway

Ikuna Nature Resort Weekend Getaway

Ikuna Nature Resort Weekend Getaway

There are many hotels out there, but this has to be one of the most unique places I have ever had the luxury of staying in. With its tipi shaped rooms, the Ikuna hotel feels like you have traveled to a completely different time and place while still being in Austria!  Our stay in the Ikuna Naturresort was one full of adventure, fun, and relaxation.

This trip began as an early birthday present for our son who has just turned 6! They grow up so fast, don’t they? We thought these tipi-shaped hotel rooms would give our son the most fun birthday adventure! The Ikuna Hotel is not only famous for its uncommon room shape, but for its all-inclusive park amenities – perfect for any family getaway.

As soon as we arrived at the nature resort, our son was amazed by the cool tipi-shaped rooms and sprinted to pick which bed he was going to sleep in. I knew immediately we had made the right decision for a birthday present!

Nestled in the forests of Natternbach, Austria, Ikuna Hotel boasts a multitude of child-friendly activities that kids of all ages can enjoy. Some activities they can try are archery, rock climbing, and even rafting! There are professionals there to make sure the children do not get injured while playing, so no need to worry. If they want to live out their racecar driver dreams, kids can even try out the go-kart arena, and give it a go. Our son was so excited when he saw all of the amenities he did not even know where to begin! Fortunately, we were there for three days which was just enough time for him to try out all of the different activities. One day he was playing  in the pirate cove and the next day he was learning about all the animals in their on-site zoo. It made me so happy to see how much he enjoyed all the amenities in the resort. And I felt more comfortable that there were many other children his age that he could spend time with. When you are that age it is so much easier to make friends!

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You may be thinking that the Ikuna hotel can only be enjoyed by children, but that’s not true! My husband and I had a wonderful time relaxing while our son played in the adventure park. Each of the wooden tipis come with a flat screen TV and mini-bar for us parents to enjoy , they also have spa and swimming pond to relax after a long day with your kids! When not appreciating the room’s amenities, being in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city can help us adults a lot, too. So much so, that this hotel actually has a special section for business seminar trips. I honestly do not know if the businessmen can play in the adventure park, but that would definitely be an interesting site to see.

After playing all day, our son needed a bit of rest. We got a nice bonfire going outside and enjoyed a peaceful evening looking up at the stars and taking in the lush greenery around us. It was lovely to hear our son’s excited stories about all of the things he did during the day. The bonfire is not just for warming you up and sharing stories, though. There is self service grocery nearby, where you could buy only BIO and local items! It is a lovely way to bond with your family while eating deliciously grilled foods. That being said, you don’t have to cook your own food if you don’t want to (there’s a ton of food at the resort!).

One of the highlights for me during this stay at Ikuna Hotel was the incredible food! The dining area serves food that is sourced with local ingredients, which I absolutely love. It makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that my son is eating a healthy and nutritious meal. Although most of the dishes are traditional Austrian dishes, the nature resort also provides vegetarian and vegan options to fit all kinds of dietary needs. The five-course dinner menu is fantastic, so it is great to know that no one will miss out on experiencing it.

There is so much to enjoy at this resort that you would think there can’t be more, right? Well…there is! You get to experience the relaxation and fun of Ikuna Hotel without any guilt of harming the environment. When we travel we can create everlasting memories and learn tons about new cultures. However, traveling is not the most environmentally friendly activity…it can actually leave quite the carbon footprint. Ikuna Hotel, though, is built with sustainability in mind. By sourcing all of their food’s ingredients from local farmers, they cut down fuel emissions from transportation, and can make sure that the farmers they source from are using environmentally friendly farming practices. Even the tipi rooms and dining area are built from natural materials, so they don’t release any strange toxins into the ground.

Although this nature resort is closed in the winter months, it is a fabulous place to take your family.  Especially if you have small children! My son created such grand memories there that I know he will never forget. I also got some very cute pictures of him that I know he will cringe at when he is older! But, I hope that you will try and visit the Ikuna Hotel with your family and have as much of a lovely time as we did.

Have you been to a unique hotel like Ikuna Hotel? Let me, I will be glad to read all your comments!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading!

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  • This is so cool! I never thought I’d see tipis in Austria. They sound like a clever twist to vacationing though. Austria is on my must-see list but I’m uncertain if I want to stay in a tipi. Nevertheless, you really pointed out how appealing something like this Ikuna getaway is for families.

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