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Beautiful Meissen

Beautiful Meissen

Beautiful Meissen

Meisen: A memorable city with wonderful architecture, porcelain art, and wine. The perfect place for a romantic getaway.

I have always wanted to explore Germany more, but do not have much time and not really sure where to go. Fortunately, I was given a hotel stay at the Park Hotel in Meissen  as a birthday present and used it for a couple’s getaway with my husband.

Meißen is well known for its porcelain, but I feel it is an underrated city that is perfect for a romantic stay. Every building and every corner are as if you and your loved one were transported into a fairy tale. But we can get into that more a bit later.

Our stay began at the lovely Park Hotel  that provided us with both comfortable accommodations and incredible food offerings. This isn’t a sponsor, I just truly enjoyed my stay there and want to share their name with you all. If they want to give a free stay in the future though…I would be open to it! No matter how lovely the hotel is though, when you visit Meissen you don’t want to stay in the hotel too much – there is so much to see and explore.

Park Hotel

Park Hotel, Meissen

Thanks to Meissen’s rich deposits of China clay and Potter’s Clay, the city has centuries of creating the world’s most exquisite porcelain art. The porcelain works are quite expensive, but it is wonderful to look at from an art perspective. Each piece is carefully crafted to showcase every small detail of the figure it portrays. You can see these great works at various places, but the most famous one would likely be the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory. Tours are currently open with Covid-19 safety measures in place, so if you plan on going definitely check their website for more information.

As I previously mentioned, the porcelain artwork is not the only beautiful thing you will see in Meissen. The city is filled with historical architecture that will teleport you into a Disney animated movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those classic princess movies were inspired by Meissen! In these uncertain pandemic times, being in a place where the outdoors is the best part is quite comforting. I have made a short list of my favorite spots below with a bit of information for you to enjoy.

What to Visit


This castle has quite an interesting history. According to Albrechtsburg’s official website, it was originally built as a fortress in 929. The structure was converted into a castle around 1471. As power in the country shifted, the castle did as well – to a porcelain manufactory. It is no longer making any porcelain, but it is an incredible castle with an interactive tour that can teach you a lot about Meissen’s history. Check out their website here: Albrechtsburg


Although not a specific place, Burgberg is a hill that leads to the castle Albrechstburg and cathedral. As you walk up this hill to reach the castle, you will be surrounded by endless gothic architecture that will take you back in time. Each building is a reminder of how people lived hundreds of years ago.

Meissen Market

This area of town is actually at the bottom of Burgberg, and is surrounded by many wonderfully colorful Renaissance-style buildings. This area is not only a great photo op spot, but also hosts a magical Christmas market in December. Germany is known for its Christmas Markets, so you know that going to Meissen Market during Christmas will be unforgettable.

Porcelain Manufactory

I have harped on porcelain a few too many times in this post so far, so I won’t go too deep into this. But, going to the porcelain manufactory and looking at locally made porcelain figurines is essential while you are in Meissen. It is famous for a reason!

Meissen Cathedral

This gorgeous cathedral follows Albrechstburg’s gothic architecture stylings, creating a breathtaking view. Not many updates have been made to this cathedral, so most of the rooms have stayed the same since medieval times. If you want to see what churches were like in medieval times, this is the perfect place to visit.

Beautiful Meissen

Beautiful Meissen

Final Thoughts

You may be thinking, “There is no way this trip can get better,” right? Well, I’m glad to tell you that you are wrong on this one. This city’s beautiful architecture and art aren’t the only things going for it. You can enjoy all of this scenery with a cup of incredible local wine. Meissen is close to Elbe Valley which is covered in vineyards, creating a wide variety of wine flavors. If you are with a loved one, nothing gets more romantic than having a nice cup of wine while watching the sun set on the classic buildings and cobblestone roads.

And if you end up drinking a bit too much of that local wine, make sure to try a Meissner Fummel with coffee the next day. Meissner Fummels are a pastry that are typical for breakfast in Meissen. They look like a big ball of bread, but are actually an incredibly thin and hollow pastry. Meissner Fummels are quite simple in taste, so it’s perfect for that post-wine night.

It is the small moments that make Meissen such a romantic and memorable city. I made so many incredible memories here with my husband. Our stay felt like a journey to the past, where we enjoyed wonderful scenery and learned a lot of history (and enjoyed local wine). After reading this post, I hope you give this overlooked town a visit and make some good memories while you are there. Let me know in the comments if you have visited Meissen, and if there is anywhere I should check out next time!

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