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8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

with Clever Design Tweaks


We all want to live in a space that is light, airy, and bright. The natural light from the sun makes us feel happier, rejuvenated, and energized. Sometimes you can’t always get the amount of sunlight that you would like into your home. There are many factors for this, such as living in an apartment or condo with a lack of windows, living in an area where it doesn’t get very sunny throughout the day, or living in a high-rise building with not enough outdoor spaces available. This piece will outline some clever design tweaks to help you increase natural light in your home without having to make any major lifestyle changes!

1.  Consider the direction of light in your space

The direction from which natural light enters the room can affect mood. In general, north-facing rooms are more subdued (and cooler), while south-facing rooms are brighter and warmer. The bedroom above has windows on two walls, which makes it bright and sunny, but also lets in some cooler tones from the north-facing side of the room.

If you have a living room with windows facing south, it can be a great idea to invest in some window coverings that will help to direct natural light into your space. You can also design your living room layout so that it faces south for optimal lighting during the winter months when sunlight is less prominent.

If you have a bedroom with windows facing east or west, it might be a good idea for you to place a mirror on the opposite wall so that when the sun comes into your space it bounces off of both mirrors and creates more light in your room. This will also create an illusion of a larger space because of this added brightness.

2.  Add more windows

One of the easiest ways to increase natural light in your home is by adding more windows. With this, you can choose how much or how little natural light you want coming into the space. You can also invest in window coverings for those times when you are trying to sleep or work on projects.

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


This is a great option for those living in an apartment without many windows or for those who do not want to make any major changes to their lifestyle. Just be sure that if you are looking for a bedroom, there is enough natural light coming through your windows before making a final decision on what place to live!

3.  Install skylights

Skylights are an excellent way to get natural light into your home. They let the light in from a higher angle and give you more natural light than a traditional window would. Skylights range in size, cost, and design, but they are all worth it because they keep your living space bright and cheerful.

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


As long as you have enough room overhead, installing a skylight is a great way to make sure that you have plenty of natural light during the day. This is also a perfect solution for someone who lives on the ground floor with no windows or in an area where it doesn’t get sunlit during the day. It’ll make your living space feel more open and airy.

4.  Add mirrors to reflect natural light

One of the easiest ways to increase natural light in your home is to add mirrors. Mirrors are great for reflecting light and making your space look larger. You can use mirrors as a focal point for a room, or you can add one strategically in a corner, near an entranceway, or at the end of a hallway to help bounce light around the space.

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


5.  Change your furniture and decor

If you have a room in your home that is lacking natural light, you can change the furniture layout to make it feel more inviting and spacious. The best way to do this would be to not place large pieces of furniture near the walls. This will create an airy feeling and allow the light from the windows or other sources of natural light to fill up your space.

You can also decorate your home in white or light-colored furniture to reflect more light into the room. The color white reflects all colors, so any type of surface that has been painted white will reflect more sunlight.

6.  Replace or paint your walls with lighter colors

It’s almost always a good idea to paint or replace your walls. You want them to reflect as much natural light as possible, and using lighter colors makes this happen. Just remember that there are different levels of lightness when it comes to wall colors. Light beige and blue-gray are considered very close on the spectrum of lightness, but they each provide different benefits.

8 Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home


If you’re trying to create an open feel, then go with a light blue-gray color tone. If you’re looking for more of a cozy feel, then try out a light beige color tone! The other great thing about painting or replacing the walls in your home with lighter colors is that it makes everything else appear brighter.

7.  Change out your curtains for sheers, blinds, or white roll-downs

Change out your curtains for sheers, blinds, or white roll-downs. Although some homeowners like the cozy feeling of heavy drapes over the windows, they block out a lot of natural light. Consider replacing them with sheer curtains or blinds that let more sunlight stream into the room. You can also use white roll-down window shades that you pull up when you want to let the sunshine in and down when you need privacy.

8.  Add glass doors

If your home has plenty of wall space, consider replacing a solid door with glass or installing a new door with glass panels. This will bring light in from the room on the other side of the door as well as from windows around it, and allow more light to flow through your home from room to room.

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