10 Easter Ideas For Families – The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

10 Easter Ideas For Families


10 Easter Ideas For Families


The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Easter is the perfect holiday to unleash all the fun and games! While most of you might think that the day revolves around an epic Easter egg hunt in the backyard, there are several other festive activities that will help your family and you keep the joyous spirit alive. Keep the celebrations going long after all the eggs are found, with these Easter ideas for families that are perfect for kids and adults.


1.    Cook Up a Wholesome Easter Meal

There’s nothing like food to bring the family together! This is one of the best indoor Easter activities for all ages, where you can get your whole family together in the kitchen to whip up a delicious Easter meal.

You could also include family members who stay far away by setting up a virtual cooking session so that they can participate in the festivities. In fact, what you create together in the kitchen will taste a whole lot better, knowing how much love went into it!


2.    Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is yet another classic among Easter activities for families. Painting eggs in vibrant shades is a delightful experience for kids and adults alike. They can also decorate the eggs with glitter, stickers, or beads.

 10 Easter Ideas For Families


Put all the eggs in some gorgeous Easter baskets and use them to decorate your home for the festivities. If you turn up the ante, turn it into an Easter egg decorating competition, in which the whole neighborhood can participate!

3.    Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are one of the tried, tested, and classic outdoor Easter ideas. You can organize a fun outdoor hunt that your whole family, including adults and kids, gets to participate in.

It’s a fun-filled activity as it gets people on their feet, makes them feel adventurous, and everyone ends up with some sweet treats! To add an extra twist, turn it into a fun-filled scavenger hunt, where you could draw a map with picture clues or written riddles.


4.    Have Your Kids Put on a Show!

If you’re looking for fun Easter ideas that you and your family can enjoy indoors, then have the kids put on a show. They can put on a kids’ version of the story of Easter, plan a spring-related play with adorable costumes to welcome the season, or throw an impromptu skit on a story they devised!

A show at home or even in your backyard can be a fun way to get the children’s creative juices flowing. Adults can either be the spectators and record the show to watch on future Easters or can join in as well.

5.    Plan an Egg Relay Race

Carry on the fun of the Easter egg hunt by using them as the object of attention in an egg relay race. Being one of the best Easter ideas for families, this game involves dividing the participants into teams. Every team is given a hard-boiled egg and a spoon.

On blowing the whistle, the participants will have to balance an egg on their spoon while they walk or run to a given point and back again to hand it over to the next person. The first team to complete the race are the winners!

6.    Build an Easter Bunny

If you’re looking for some great indoor Easter activities that involve some crafts, try building an Easter bunny. You can turn it into a competition of sorts too, where the most creative-looking bunny wins.

All you need are crepe paper balls in vibrant colors, pom-poms for the bunny’s fluffy tail, construction paper, glue, and safety scissors. You can create ears, noses, and eyes for the crepe paper balls. You can even incorporate these cute animals in a skit later on or decorate your house with them for a personal touch.

7.    Cupcake Decorating Competition

If arts and crafts are not your cup of tea, another great one among fun Easter ideas is to have a spring-themed cupcake decorating competition. Baking together with your family is an exciting opportunity to bond with family and sink your teeth into some yummy treats.

10 Easter Ideas For Families

If you feel that baking cupcakes from scratch will be too messy, you can buy store-bought cupcakes, frosting, fondant, and fun sprinkles and encourage your family to decorate them how they please!

8.    Try Egg Rolling

In many countries around the world, egg rolling is an important Easter tradition. Believed to have originated in Scotland, it involves rolling boiled and decorated eggs down a hill in a park.

If your egg rolls the farthest distance without breaking, then congratulations, you’ve won! Not only is this one of the best Easter ideas for families, but it has religious significance. The rolling of the eggs is believed to signify the rolling of stones on Christ’s tomb, associated with his resurrection.

9.    Make Bunny-Shaped Crayons

If outdoor Easter ideas are not for you, here’s another simple craft activity to keep your little ones and you occupied. Create bunny-shaped crayons by collecting some broken crayons, soaking them in warm water, and placing them in oven-safe, rabbit-shaped baking molds.

You can then make them at about 200 degrees for 24-25 minutes, or until the crayons have melted. Leave them out to cool down and harden, and help your young ones make Easter cards for everyone!

10.   Easter Egg Toss

If you’ve run out of Easter activities for families for your energetic bunch, try the Easter egg toss! Divide everyone present into teams of two and give each pair a raw, decorated egg. The egg is tossed from one player to another, and each time a successful catch is executed, both players have to take a step backward.

If a team breaks the egg at any point, they’re out of the game. The last team standing till the end will be crowned the winner!


Final Words

Easter is a super fun holiday to spend with family. While the egg hunt is a timeless classic, you can spruce up the festivities with these fun Easter ideas for families. Maybe, one of them will even inspire you to start your own annual family tradition!

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